dna state of mind

Art is personal and a journey that started in my early childhood at age 6.

My primary school years were filled with lunch time sessions hanging out in the art classroom where my creative energy poured into drawing, painting, making wooden puppets, learning how to use the pottery wheel - the beginning of learning to use a camera.

My art teacher Mr Gahn was the person who nurtured this passion of mine, so tolerant of all  my questions and frustrations when I couldn't get a technique right. To this day I still carry those same traits of aiming for pure perfection - if it really does exist.

I continued my journey of footsteps toward an art career in high school, refining everything I had learnt in my younger year and now adding layers and more complexity to each category. However, by the time I reached my final years of high school, my father made it quite clear that I needed to choose a career for myself that had more certainty in it, he always felt that my art was in my DNA - that this passion and thirst would never disappear. He wanted me to have options and plenty of them for my life. So I made a decision to change my career direction and studied politics throughout my high school and university days which is where I finished my degree.

But like a circle, I am a big believer that destiny will bring you to where you need to be and creatively food and art go hand and hand for me.

So this is where I start - DNA state of mind and these pieces will be available for purchase via the online boutique.

creative director caroline khoo takes her creative mind to art

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